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A line of evidence-based nutritional supplements targeted to specific cellular processes.

Developed by Young Ko, PhD.

The Science of Synergy

Motivation for Developing KOfactor™ Products

Natural compounds have a role to play in a holistic, multi-targeted approach to restoring health.

“The fields of Nutrition and Metabolism are my passion. I’ve always been fascinated by how what we eat influences our body, specifically, believing that certain natural compounds in plants are medicine. This is why animals instinctually know to eat herbs when they are sick. The compounds in herbs influence our epigenetics and metabolites in a specific way. Knowing the details of how each specific compound interacts with our bodies is critical. That’s why we only recommend certain natural compounds for certain conditions and for a certain amount of time.” ~ Dr. Young Ko

Born from decades of research and developed through a collaborative effort between NewG Lab Pharma and Dr. Young Ko. Each KOfactor™ product consists of a novel combination of natural products selected to target specific cellular processes with mechanistic cohesion. 

About Young Ko, PhD

Revisiting a Bygone Era

Discovers New Cancer Drug

The Era of Metabolic Cancer Therapy

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